About Crystalusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is not caustic and should produce no harmful effects on bare skin. If you experience redness or irritation, stop using the product immediately and contact your doctor.

No, Although Crystalusion is not designed to stop the ingress of water/moisture and should not be considered a waterproofing agent, it does repel moisture on the surface of the device.

The application of Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection has no effect on the Original Equipment Manufacturer's warranty. This product makes no changes to the underlying components of the device and is not harmful to its functionality.  

No. Crystalusion is not designed to repair surfaces. It is a surface protector which enables surfaces to remain clean and abrasion-resistant.

This is normal. After completing the application process, please allow Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protector to dry for 12 hours. After 12 hours, use the dry microfiber cloth provided to buff your device and remove any smearing or residue.

Crystalusion will come off through daily wear and tear. You should be able to feel the difference between the Crystalusion Liquid Glass coating and the regular texture of your device. We recommend reapplication once every 12 months, or when the coating has been substantially reduced.

Screen Replacement Warranty

Our 12-month warranty cover a free device screen replacement for a device (excluding foldable screens) if the screen is broken after being protected by Crystalusion®.

Simply register your device online within 14 days of purchase to activate your warranty. For full terms and conditions and to register your device visit Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection.

Information & Resources

Stay informed! We value transparency regarding our product and its applications. Take the time to go further and research what Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is capable of. Check out our resource links below to learn more.

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