Award winning & internationally recognized Crystalusion® is now available from the only official distributor in the USA!

Protect More Than
Just Your Mobile Device

One application will shield your device providing protection for up to 12 months!

  • Prevents up to 99.9% of Germs & Viruses
  • Blocks up to 90% of EMF Transmissions
  • Resilient to Impact, Scuffing & Abrasion
  • Repels Fingerprints & Grease
  • Resistant to Moisture
a phone with a liquid screen protector

Healthy Device, Healthy Life

Scientifically tested, and developed with Nano-Technology, as a liquid solution that bonds to glass, creating a 600% stronger surface that is more durable, highly resilient to bacteria and completely transparent.

A phone with a cracked screen

You Break it,
We Replace It!

We believe in Crystalusion® and what it can do for you. To prove our commitment and give you peace of mind, we include a 12-month worry-free screen replacement warranty. That means if anything should happen, we will have your back and replace your mobile device's screen.

Free Screen Replacement. No Deductible. No Out-of-Pocket Expense to you.

Unique Liquid Glass Application

Three Easy Steps To a Healthy Device

Turn off your device. Remove the Cleaning Cloth from the provided packet and wipe down your entire device until the cloth is dry.  


Remove the Crystalusion Cloth from the provided packet and apply to your entire device until the cloth is dry.  


Allow your device to dry for 10 minutes. Buff your device with the Microfiber Cloth to remove any smearing.

Get Protected NOW!

Crystalusion can protect more than just your phone as a universal solution for all devices, and it is compatible with all cases.

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Smart Phones


Smart Watches


Scopes & Binoculars


Glasses & Sunglasses

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